Sunday, January 15, 2012

By Jove, I don't think she's got it!

There is a commercial right now where a woman calls a man up to announce to him that she is giving him the silent treatment, to which he responds that he does not think she gets how the silent treatment is supposed to work.

I thought of that commercial as Stella contacted me today about (from my vantage point) nothing. She said in one of her screeds about me since I met with her as a means of making amends that she wants closure. However, from her repeated diatribes and continued forced contact with me, I do not think she gets how closure is supposed to work.

The aforementioned commercial. (Its appearance here does not imply sponsorship of the blog by the advertiser and is included here simply for informational purposes.)

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Kenn (I'm with the Banned) said...

When she says "closure", she means "capitulation". Simple as that.