Saturday, March 25, 2006

How to get oneself a fatwa.

Announcer: It's time for 'Life With the Islamofascist Family' Today's Episode: Over Your Dead Body

Kalila: Mo, I'm worried about Leila.

Mo: Did I give you permission to worry? You must do as I say or--

Kalila: Death!!! Yeah, I know. Anyway, she's hardly been eating, hasn't kept her mind on her studies. I think she is in love.

Mo: Is she pregnant? If she has defiled the family--

Kalila: Death!!! Yeah, right. Anyway, I think you should talk to her.

Mo: Why should I talk to her?

Kalila: Because the last time I tried to talk to her instead of you, you threatened me with...Death!!!

Mo: Oh, yeah. That's right.

Leila: Bye mom, bye pop. I'll see you later.

Mo: Wait just a minute young lady! Where do you think you're going with that dress a full inch off the ground? You know the punishment for going out half naked!

Leila: Death!!! Yeah. I know.

Kalila: What is his name dear?

Leila: Whose name?

Kalila: The boy.

Leila: Sssh.

Mo: Is there a boy? If he so much as looks at you--

Leila: Death!!! Yeah. Got it. His name is Kadim.

Mo: I do not approve!

Leila: But dad, you'd like him. He's planning to be a suicide bomber!

Mo: So when can I get to meet this Kadim?

Announcer: Join us again next time for 'Life with the Islamofascist Family'

Mo: Or else it's Death!!!