Saturday, September 23, 2006

Moving my pic in house

The server hosting my Lightning Man picture is going bye bye and the image server I have for auctions doesn't seem to get along with Blogger, so I am posting the picture to a blog entry in order to have Blogger host the picture themselves.

Friday, September 22, 2006

How John McCain Lost My Vote

Some of you who know me personally might find it more surprising that John McCain ever had my vote. But he did, provisionally. After Rudy Giuliani, he was easily the favorite to win the Republican presidential nomination, and since no Democrat I could vote for is even going to run on that side, I had made peace with voting for him in the event that Rudy doesn't run. He had done some things that made it seem he was getting tired of being a RINO and in the most important matter on the table today, the War on Islamofascism, he was on the "fight it" side. And then he came out for coddling terrorists.

No, he doesn't call it that. He, having been a prisoner of war, has a sensitivity to mistreatment of the captured. I accept that and understand that. But being mean to someone is not torture and coercion of someone to get information is not evil. Yes, it's not the way we choose to behave and live, but much like disciplining your kids, it something you do now to lessen chance you'll have to do worse things later, in this case putting innocent civilians in body bags.

The mark of a mature individual, a father, a teacher, a civic leader, is putting your own personal peccadilloes aside for doing what is best for that which you have charge. It does not protect the United States to allow members of Islamofascist organizations to keep their murderous secrets. If John McCain as a senator is not willing to put the country ahead of his personal well being, as George W. Bush has done, then I cannot in clear conscience vote for him.

So I sincerely hope he loses the nomination or, barring that, that the Democrats nominate someone with some sense. Or else I'm taking my ball and going home.

To Australia.