Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My buddy

In my ACA stepwork I technically am on Step 11, however it occurred to me that back in Steps 8 & 9 I forgot someone that I need to make amends to, and that's my buddy Fred.

Back before I moved to where I presently live, my car was totaled. And as the accident was my fault, I didn't receive any money for it, as I just had liability. I also didn't have any money to replace it.

Fred, a good friend of mine, loaned me $6000. He said for me to make payments as I could and not to sweat the interest. Shortly thereafter I moved south and married my wife. Once I got a decent job, I promised him I'd pay him back with our income tax refunds.

But almost every year, it seemed my wife found something that 'needed' the money more than Fred did. Kids 'needed' to go on expensive field trips. Car engines blew up. Surgeries. Always something.

One year, I put my foot down and insisted that we use it as I had promised. That year we gave him $1000 of the $6000. He was choked up about it. He said he never expected it back.

But I always intended to pay him. It was the wife's insistence and my sniveling acceptance that prevented it from happening. And now I have let my guilt keep me from making restitution.

I am about to be in a situation where I can make a nice profit off of an investment. And today I decided that I am paying him back the rest that I owe him from part of the proceeds of this investment. I need to do this.

It will be proof that I am not the guy ruled by his wife and her bad management of money. Any brick I can take off my shoulder I should. And so, I will finally do right by him. And it feels good.

Frank Sinatra (good for the eggs).

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Eustolia Nitta said...

Thanks for sharing your post. Well, I must say that you found a true friend that you can rely on through good and bad times. And I’m glad that you insisted on paying him back. Although it isn’t all about the money, giving back what you borrowed is a simple gesture that you value your friendship.

Eustolia Nitta