Friday, January 20, 2012

Two Flashlights

Two flashlights.

Flashlight number one. What eventually drove me out of radio was a dissatisfaction with the respect I was getting for working my butt off. I wasn't being paid much of anything and getting grief that I was actually being over paid, this at a time when a six day 60 hour work week was a light week.

This particular radio station was highly computerized and while individuals knew how their individual systems worked, there were only two people who knew how they all worked together: a friend of mine who worked for them part time until just before I left and me, the only person to whom he taught all of this stuff.

Well, eventually I left, as I said, and they went on without me. However they got to a point where their billing system wasn't reconciling with their commercial scheduling system. So they called me. I decided on a gouge-worthy price for my fixing it and went in. After I fixed it, they said they couldn't pay me any money, but they could give me a barter item.

I chose one that was the cost of my price, a very expensive, solid flashlight. I called it my Perry Mason flashlight because it could double as a murder weapon. Alas it left when the ex-wife did, in the trunk of her mother's car.


Flashlight number two. I told Stella about the first flashlight and she was bound and determined to replace it. I told her the model and that I wanted one with a LED bulb, LED flashlights having been invented in the interim. I was very specific. The reason I was very specific is because there was a tendency in my life for people to get me not what I wanted but something they thought was good enough.

Come whatever gift occasion it was, I opened it to discover that it was the exact version of above and not the one with the LED light. I was glad to get it but once again was disappointed by it. I have never opened the new flashlight. It still pains me to look at it, the disappointment is so great.


I know that both of these stories have something to do with my being ACoA, but I don't quite know yet what. I am going to think about it and get back to you.

Parliament, 'cause everybody's got to get a little light under the sun.

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