Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get to know me!

I'm coming at you with three seemingly unrelated things but if you bear with me, you'll see the relationship. First, it once again is Water Wednesday. This week I am much better about it than last week, because this week I am trying to detoxify just a little bit.

I take vitamin supplements for various ailments (or the prevention thereof). Lately I have noticed that one of the ailments for which I take the vitamins was actually getting worse. After a little process of elimination, I have figured out the one causing the problem and have ceased taking it.


I just finished one of the self-improvement books I have read and in it the author concluded the book by saying "Everything I just told you is wrong." No, he wasn't saying that he had just played some kind of prank on the reader. He explained that while what he had said about how to become successful was what he did, that his path was his path and we had to follow our path. That is to say, what worked for him might not be what works for you.


I am also finishing Co-Dependent No More (which I thought I had finished *sigh*) and found a chapter in which she talked about a family choosing a therapist for a problem, only to find the therapist more focused on the parents's smoking than anything else. They weren't sure what was wrong with the family dynamic, but they were pretty sure parental smoking wasn't it. She too stressed that we are the ultimate arbiters of what is right for us and what is working.


In the end there are no sure fire, foolproof failsafe blueprints on how to live your life. You learn what you can from others, but you have to see what works for you. You of course have to be aware of whether you're giving something enough time to work for you and if you are only saying something doesn't work to avoid working on things. But in the end you know you better than anyone, something else that I am learning.

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

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