Monday, October 31, 2011

Monster mash-up

Until I found out I got an award, today was kind of sucky:

  • Went to buy batteries for the camera to take pictures of the Halloween costumes at work and found I didn't have my bank card. Turns out I left it at the bar where I watched football yesterday.
  • Where I work requires badge access and while I remembered to bring my costume and camera, I didn't remember to bring my badge.
  • Turns out they called off Halloween costumes at work and nobody told me. Good thing I planned on changing at work.

But focusing on the good:

  • I had my PayPal card with me and so was able to pay for the batteries anyway.
  • I remembered where I had left my bank card (after some thinking) and it was not abused in any way.
  • We do have a procedure in place where I work for allowing access without a badge.
  • I did dress for work normally and can use the costume for taking my granddaughter trick-or-treating tonight.

Happy Halloween!

Let's do the Mash. Let's do the Monster Mash.

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