Saturday, December 31, 2011

I always feel like somebody's watching me

An ACoA friend of mine named Duane was dumped recently by his ACoA girlfriend Jennifer. Duane likes large breasts (or more accurately women with large breasts). Jennifer used to be one until she had breast reduction surgery. Jennifer asked him at one point if he'd still find her attractive with smaller breasts. Duane, being a literalist, said he didn't know. This was one of those questions that meant something other than what it was asking, which was "Will you still love me with smaller breasts?" Because it was to Jennifer the latter question, she went ballistic and broke up with him.

Duane moved on and found another woman (who coincidentally had large breasts). Jennifer, however, sends him texts and e-mails, has stayed Facebook friends with anyone who knows Duane who will still be friends with her. And she has stalked him over the internet, finding an author's website where he wrote stories about liking women with large breasts. She is now angry at him, thinking that he somehow was the cause of her breast pain and didn't love her, just her breasts. Duane isn't afraid, but were I him, I'd look over my shoulder.

The moral of the story? Avoid ACoA women with abandoment issues that aren't getting treated.

Rockwell (with Michael Jackson)

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