Friday, December 02, 2011

Google AdSense can bite my butt

I didn't even want to put ads on here.  Blogger, a Google product, offered it.  So I decided to do it.  I didn't get many clicks.  I didn't care.

In the middle of November, Russian sites started visiting me out of nowhere.  Okay.  Fine.  Whatever.  Then my click rate shot up.  Okay.  Fine.  Whatever.

Suddenly, it got close to where Google would actually have to pay me for the clicks.  And then and only then did my click activity get “suspicious.”

I appealed.  They said, without explaining their mysterious vetting process, that my clicks were still suspicious and my account was suspended.  Okay.  Fine.  Whatever.

Google AdSense can bite my butt.  And you can click on it.

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