Monday, December 12, 2011

Seems you've lost your feel for me

Portia reads Stella's blog, so today I have had to endure Portia's questioning of me on the matter of yesterday's conversation with Stella.  And the cherry on the sundae?  She is siding with Stella (who is asserting that I could never have actually loved her, Stella).

Let's just say there's only she and me and we just disagree.

Dave Mason again. I just wish we could actually be this mature about things (Portia and I or Stella and I, take your pick).

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Kennnn (I'm with the banned) said...

Sometimes I hate the English language. For instance, the word "love". One simple abused word asking to represent a myriad of things. You love sushi. You love your dog. You love the kid. You love Kathy. But let's be honest, here, the emotions associated with these people and items are not the same emotion. Hell, you love Portia. But it's not the same love you had when you married her.

The other thing is love is a verb. It is something you do, not just something you feel. And very often it means putting that other person's wants ahead of one's own. And point blank, that surgery that Stella's so happy about. You were not in favour of her getting it. She wanted it. And what happened? You drove her to the hospital to have it done; waited there; and then helped her for a few days while she convalesced. If you were the non-supportive person she accused you of being, you wouldn't have been there. That is what love is.

And Portia agreeing with Stella really shouldn't come as a surprise. I thought you'd determined that Stella and Portia were actually a lot alike anyway. That's what drew you to Stella. And of course you're going to be the bad guy to Portia. She's the one who said "I don't want you and me to be married anymore." And then you had the audacity to say "if that's what you want, I'll agree."

Remember, when Westley was saying "as you wish" he was really saying "I love you."

The one thing I will say in Stella's defense, in a very small way, as I said in another response, is that your love for Stella was more of the "kept warm and safe and dry" variety. It wasn't the deep passionate "I can't live without you" kind of love that Shakespeare wrote about. Or if it was it burnt out quick. And if one assumes that by "love", Stella means "had blind, stupid passion for" yes, you didn't have that variety of love for her.

Of course, she didn't have blind, stupid passion for (of in Stella's lexicon "love") you either.

"Gee, it's a hurricane. I can go drive down to the Lightning Cave, and be with Lightning Man - and coincidentally be further from the center of the storm -- or I can stay home because I have to protect my cats (and heaven forbid I try to take them with)."

I know you can't because of the kid, but I wish you could just avoid Portia.