Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You Drive Me Crazy

Driving is a much different activity depending on where you do it. In New York State, it's pretty quick and aggressive. It is fairly common for my wife to be passed by State Troopers while she's doing five to ten over the limit. In Northeastern Ohio, it's almost like a ballet. Everyone seems to know everyone else moves. There is a flow that is just beautiful. And North Carolina is very friendly. Lots of courtesy, relatively few cutoffs. That is to say, in most parts of the state. In the part where I live, there is a problem. It's not the number of people. Charlotte has far more than where I live. No. The part of the state I live in has been invaded by escaped northerners such as myself (OH) and my wife (NY.) And there are still plenty of locals. Which means there is no driving style. I'm trying to get across four lanes, so I slow down to move right after the car next to me pulls ahead (classic Ohio ballet style move.) Well, the car next to me starts to slow down. So I slow down further. So they slow down further. They're trying to let me in in front of them when it would be much safer if I went behind them as there were no cars behind them. So why didn't I go in front? Because, had that been a transplanted New Yorker, I would have been rammed. I've lived here for years now and I still dread trips across town. At this point, I really don't care which way to drive. I'd just like it to be the same way every time.

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