Thursday, September 30, 2004

That Kerry-tone Tan

In all fairness, it says nothing about his ability to lead America or what his plans for the future are, but you just have to wonder how on Earth Senator Kerry could think he could shellac on a couple of coats of Instant Tan and not expect people to notice. And the problem is, this little gaffe could have already cost him the debate before it happens.

American Presidential debates are rarely about the issues being argued and rather how the people feel about the people on stage. Al Gore made it hard for anyone to like him and helped George W. Bush to the win as much as any individual thing Bush did. (If you are right now muttering to yourself that George W. Bush didn't win, you either do not understand the electoral college process and the law, or you're one of those. By the rules that were in place at the time of the election, George W. Bush won. Period.)

Ronald Reagan's amiability was a key factor in turning out Jimmy Carter. George H.W. Bush came off better than Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton better than Papa Bush. It may be short sighted and shallow, but it's the American way and the smart politician deals with it.

Which again leads us to Senator Kerry. His own advisers admit he has a "Thurston Howell" problem. Why then do something to make him seem further out of touch with America? Doesn't he know regular guys make fun of guys who turn orange overnight?

However, much like the "$87 billion" pirouette, there's no corking the genie on this one. Best he can do is relax, speak clearly and succinctly, smile, and not say a thing about sports. And wipe that orange goo off before someone calls him the Great Pumpkin.

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