Thursday, September 30, 2004

Take You Out Of The Ballgame

On the heels of Frank Francisco throwing a chair, Milton Bradley went after a fan who threw a plastic bottle at him after he muffed a play in the field. This is not to excuse Milton. Having experience as an Indians fan with both him and Albert Belle, the player clearly has a problem. But...

So do a certain breed of fan, the one's who take "No batter, no batter" to ugly, sometimes racial, always personal extremes talking about players personal lives and using talk too salty for a sailor. And throwing things at a player is never cool.

Tell me about pampered millionaires all you want and how you paid for your ticket, but remember that they're human just like you, and most of them are giving their best effort. You have a right to express your disapproval. But you have no right to behave in a manner that were you in an alley somewhere would get your posterior beaten up.

No player would ever come out and say this. They'd be called crybabies or somesuch. So I'm saying it. Stop being a jerk. It's just a game.

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Anonymous said...

I was a big fan of Milton Bradley's. I liked Monopoly the best of all. I think going pro hurt him. - DMB