Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hasenpfeffer, Incorporated

"There is nothing we won't try. Never heard the word 'impossible.' This time there's no stopping us; we're going to do it." — from "Making Our Dreams Come True" by Normal Gimbel and Charles Fox
No. I'm not having a Laverne and Shirley flashback, although that's where the words are from. I am talking about my return to radio by a year from now. I have decided that while still maintaining my day job for Giant Multinational Corporation, Inc. that I am going to go back on the air.

A radio colleague once said that doing radio is like being circus folk; it gets in your blood and you can never totally leave it. Well, it has gotten into mine. So I have decided to get back on the air. Now those of you who know me from my previous life on the radio might suspect I'll be doing some sort of hybrid of Gary Burbank, Rush Limbaugh, and Sporting News Radio (and that may happen down the road) but actually I have something much different in mind.

I want to do a radio show where people help each other make their dreams come true. Not monetarily, but with encouragement, advice, introductions, et cetera. You still have to do the work. You still have to have the chops. But if you need a babysitter so that you can go back to college and get a degree, we'll help find you one. If you want to sing with a band, we'll get you a tryout. And after you get shot down and you
still want to do it, we'll find you a music coach. We'll encourage you and kick you in the patootie as needed. I think it would be fascinating radio to listen to (sort of reality radio) and I want to do it.

But part of the key of making your dreams come true is committing to them. So here I am. I will be back on the air in a year. I will note my progress. I expect your encouragement. (I also expect Lenny and Squiggy jokes, so don't let me down.)

Also, if you would like to be one of the first cases for my program drop me a line at and we'll talk.

(BTW, speaking of, the proprietor of the place, who uses the login name Ender, was an inspiration for this latest idea, as he has decided to put several aspects of his life in order and is persisting against obstacles. I'm proud of you, E. And if you like comic books, I encourage you to stop by his place and say "Hi." Especially since he's letting me use his e-mail account.)

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