Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Chargers Broadcasting System

In my youth (that is to say the late 70s and early 80s, not the stone age, Mr. or Ms. Wise-Guy) the San Diego Chargers were a point scoring powerhouse who lived by the edict "the best defense is a good offense." Well, it didn't work so well for them then because eventually they ran into another team who could score more points than they did. Yet it appears Dan Rather and the Columbia Broadcasting System have taken a page from their playbook.

In response to the mounting evidence creating suspicion, CBS blithely dismisses it with the thinnest of answers: "Yes, the 'pressuring' officer was out of the guard at the time the memo mentioned, but he still had influence! Our typewriter expert says there were typewriters that did superscript since the 60s but we're not saying which ones nor whether any of them did the memo. Yes, the secretary said she never typed those and the colonel would never have typed them himself, but she said he did think Bush was a poopyhead!" But beyond that, CBS, in trying to throw the dogs off their scent, is trying to put the onus back on Bush. "Notice how he hasn't answered our charges of patronage and failure to report!"

Well, CBS, I have news for you: he'll answer your charges as soon as he answers the ones that say he and Bigfoot sired the Batboy of the Caves after receiving an alien probe. Expecting him to answer credible charges is one thing, but right now believing those memos on just your say-so requires an almost religious leap of faith.

Right now there is but one thing that CBS could do to restore any credibility and give their intended story any traction: turn the documents over to the FBI for validation. Even if they are copies. The FBI can do wonders with document analysis; just watch Forensic Files. But you see, there is a big, big problem with that. If the FBI says they're forgeries, CBS has no excuse to protect their source because a pretty big crime has been committed. And there is growing suspicion that the real story here is not what the documents say, regardless of their veracity. It's where the documents came from.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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