Thursday, September 29, 2011

A lovely day

Mondays aside, it seems that every day I've either had something ACA related to say or some other special day to talk about.  But not today.  I have no secret relapses to reveal.  Nothing particularly noteworthy happened in my ACA community.  The most interesting thing that happened at work was that I was late for a meeting.  While it might be interesting, it's not anything new.

My granddaughter and I had a nice day doing homework.  I played games at a game site.  I watched some television.  Notably, I did not visit Facebook since I got home, I have not watched the news, and I did not visit any sports or comic book sites.

I feel oddly serene about this, almost to the point that it is scary.  But it is good.  It is ultimately one of the things I want (and you can't get what you want till you know what you want) and it is nice to know that doing the step work of ACA is helping me get there.

This would have been another opportunity for me to use my banked thought, but again I was not ready to use it.  But I need to do it soon, because if I keep waiting on it, people are going to expect something amazing and I am not sure I can deliver amazing.

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