Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feeling stronger every day

Doing ACA has been an eye opener on many fronts, but one of the most interesting is somatically.  One of the things you try to do as an ACoA is to feel the feelings that you have not allowed yourself to feel totally if at all.  And emotions carry a definite physical component to them.

As I remember old memories and deal with old programming and attitude, I experience a flood of emotions and these emotions wreak physical havoc with my body.  Muscles shake with anger.  My stomach gets queasy.  My innards grind.  It is no fun at all.

But a strange thing is happening afterwards.  Once I go through the emotion, let myself go wild with whatever it is I am feeling, afterward I feel better.  Not just relatively better compared to the experience.  I mean I am starting to feel physically better than I have in a while.

Now, yes, some of that is related to my back feeling better after its injury, but it is not just my back.  I find myself breathing deeper.  I feel the tension in my shoulders lessen and the muscles loosen.  I believe I am experiencing a real catharsis.

So, yes, as the post title states, I am feeling stronger every day, just like the title of the Chicago song.  But you guys can find the song yourself.

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