Saturday, February 04, 2012

Computer world

Little things can change our lives a lot. A year ago I didn't even have a laptop computer and now, just 365 later, I have adjusted so much to having one that I am feeling a little lost without it. But it's nice getting to know my desktop again.

I am actually quite proud of this computer. I built it myself. I bought all the parts for it from Tiger Direct as part of something called a bare-bones kit. You get no operating system and nothing is assembled except the power supply in the case. But other than installing a CPU cooling fan, I had done previously everything else one has to do to build a computer from scratch, including installing a motherboard and CPU. So this was merely putting everything together.

It's nice and peppy compared to my work computer. I remember the days when people's work computers were faster, newer, and more tricked out than their work computers. Now at work I find myself wishing I was using my home computer. But, as a friend points out, in this economy I should consider myself lucky I have a job.

At any rate, the reason I bring up missing the laptop was that it sat next to me in the living room, which made my posting a blog post as simple as thinking about it then doing it. Now I have to get up and go to the room where the computer resides. I know, such an agonizing ordeal. But it is contributory as to why I haven't been Johnny on the spot in terms of posting entries. Fortunately, it shouldn't be too much longer I am without my laptop. Yay.

Fly Lady Update:

Really didn't do anything yesterday but will make up for it today with work on the kitchen, the living room and maybe even consolidating the closets.

Interpol and Deutsche Bank, FBI and Scotland Yard.

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