Tuesday, February 19, 2013

She cried

Sometimes you have to smash your forehead against a brick wall a good several times before you really get it.

I keep trying to deal with Portia, my ex-wife, as if she is a mature human being and honestly, she just isn't. I was talking to Tina, my granddaughter, on the phone and I was thinking that it might be worth it to try and persuade Portia to allow Tina to go on my annual vacation back home. But I really didn't want to have that conversation with Portia if Tina didn't want to go. So I asked her to think about whether or not she wanted to go with me and if she did, I would talk to Portia about it.

As soon as Tina and I finish, Portia calls me up all on fire, asking how could I ask the kid the question and saying there is no way she was going with me and Lord only knows what else because I said "Okay, she can't go" and hung up on her. This didn't satisfy Portia because she called Kathy and yelled at her for an hour too. I later found out (because Kathy and I were in different places when this occurred) that Tina was in the background sobbing because Portia had told her rather nastily that she couldn't go, repeating the lie that I have an anger problem.

What I have is a "My ex-wife is a lunatic bitch" problem.

Jay & the Americans, with the first Jay, John "Jay" Traynor.

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