Sunday, April 07, 2013

Things I learned from looking up other things

A while ago, I ripped off Sydney J. Harris by titling a blog entry "Things I Learned While Looking Up Other things." It is one of the most popular of my blog entries, right behind the one that has boobs in it. And so, since I am always looking up something being a lover of learning and an autodidact, I decided to do it again.

This ÷ is called an obelus. This · is often referred to as a middot but is also known as an interpunct. This ‽ is called an interrobang and it denotes an excited question, while it's upside down cousin is called a gnaborreti.

The name Calvary comes from a translation of a translation going back to the name Golgotha which means "Place of the Skull."

In America, not only are charitable donations of money and goods tax deductible, but so is mileage accrued in service of a charitable organization.

The song 25 or 6 to 4 was written about its own writing. That is to say it is a song about writing a song.

And finally, the actual, correct title of Sydney J. Harris's column is Things I Learned From Looking Up Other things.


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