Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Clean Up on Aisle Ten

I'm back. Where have I been? Preoccupied with America's Quadrennial Pastime, the election. I did a site about the poll data and the electoral college and spent most of my time mouthing off at Little Green Footballs. I have been trying to get all of the election bugs out of my system before coming back to this, but there are a few election-related things I do want to get off my chest.

The Red does not have to make overtures to the Blue. This is starting to become maddening. The Red won. The Blue didn't. Anyone on the Blue side asking for healing and unity needs to start first. You can do that by stopping the insinuation we're Bible thumpin' inbred idiots.

The new rule of tacking on "And I approve this message" is stupid. I got so sick of hearing that at the end of commercials I wanted to throw a shoe through the television & / or radio. Just what was that supposed to do, anyway? Such a "duh" law.

There is something seriously wrong with the exit poll situation. Dick Morris (former political adviser to Bill Clinton,) suggests it might even have been something criminal. While I am not in the crowd that says "Since exit polls are always right, the votes were tampered with,) I do think there is a reason why exit polls have been off since 2000 and we need to find out why. But it does serve to remind us that the only poll that counts is the actual tally of votes.

I shouldn't be gone quite this long for another four years.

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