Monday, October 04, 2004

The Child Is the Father of the Man. The Flu Is Father of Fever Dreams

Coming this week, a multi-part essay on the release by Brian Wilson of the album Smile. Just as soon as I am well enough to write.


Anonymous said...

I've done 27 issues now on some kind of mind altering ....stuff. C'mon, its always fun to read what you've written the nite before, but don't remember!!! -DMB

Lightning Man said...

Hey, Doc! Good to hear from you. Being tripped out on cold medicine was kind of poetic given I was listening to music inspired by the hallucenogenic 60s, but given how much effort it was to write that (or even this), the essay would probably have not even been entertaining, even in a trainwreck sort of way.

For example:

Smile. Brian Wilson. Mike Love. All you need is love. Love the one you're with. The width of a circle is c/pi. I like pie. Pie pie, now.